Elizabeth’s Birthday Party

October 22 2022

A Beautiful Birthday Party Catered
by AAA Royal Catering

Catering for Elizabeth's Birthday Party in Massapequa, NY

Elizabeth’s birthday party was planned for the Saturday before Halloween at the family’s home in Massapequa. The day began with brisk chill and the yard looked beautiful with freshly fallen leaves of all colors. Weather reports said it would be a beautiful afternoon with clear skies.

Our crew arrived at 10:00AM to begin the set up and decorate the backyard. Kristina and Jason erected a tent and decorated it with strings of festive lights. They placed the tables and tablecloths, chairs, bar, and brought the barbecue and fire pit into the backyard. The guests are scheduled to arrive at 2:00pm to celebrate Elizabeth’s 30th birthday.

Our serving staff arrived at 1:00pm with all the prepared delicacies including, appetizers, entrees, salads, and desserts. Chef Peter fired up the bbq and began grilling bratwurst and fire roasted corn on the cob which permeated the yard with that sweet smell of barbecue. Our servers, Amy & Flori arranged the assortment of appetizers, artisan breads and hors d'oeuvre platters on the buffet.

As the guests arrived, the sun had warmed the air and the mood was set. Soft music played while the guests were greeted by Mario (our bartender) with choices of beer, wine, mixed drinks, and hot apple cider supplied by the customer.

Amy & Flori passed hors d'oeuvres, the roasted corn, and bratwurst on buns, topped with stone ground mustard, sauerkraut, braised red cabbage, and pickled onions throughout the afternoon. Many of the guests helped themselves to platters of stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, burrata, fresh tomato basil and mozzarella, and an antipasto board consisting of gourmet Italian meats, cheeses, olives, and grilled vegetables.

The sun was moving lower in the sky by 4:00pm as our servers cleared the buffet to display the main course. By this time the lights set up by Kristina and Jason earlier were in full glow for a magical evening.

AAA Royal Catering - Images of Elizabeth's Main Menu

The Main course that evening was well received and included: Ceasar salad, German potato salad, baked salmon, roasted loin of pork, chicken lemonaki, and grilled vegetables.

Dessert was served on the main table as the sun was setting, which included, coffee and espresso, a delicious cannoli birthday cake, fresh fruit, Italian cookies, and pastries. While the cake was being served, Chef Peter lit the fire pit where everyone sat around the warm glow, singing Happy Birthday and telling stories, making smores, and drinking hot toddy’s late into the evening.

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