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Over the last 40+ years, AAA Royal Catering has provided not only delicious meals, but we have help hundreds of customers to turn a typical party gathering into a special event by coordinating a theme for the party. For example, a traditional birthday party that takes place during the warm summer months can easily be transformed into a Hawaiian Luau where we provide all the traditional Hawaiian food along with decorations such as tiki torches and other extras to make the party a truly memorable event.

Many of our holiday party menus center around a theme where the food selections coupled with the appropriate decorations (at a relitively small cost) can make for an extra special party that will not easily be forgotten.

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We’ve done some amazing parties over the years for children, adults, parents/grandparents, small and large businesses, non-profits, and social organizations of all types. Coordinating these parties can sometimes be challenging but it’s become a favorite of ours. We’re pleased to offer our consulting services during the planning phase of your event saving you a lot of time and giving you peace of mind. Through unsurpassed customer service you will have a successful experience.

For example, we recently transformed a dance studio into an elegant bistro setting for about 100 guests where our chef and staff cooked our Fancy Omelet Brunch right before the guest’s eyes, customizing each dish to their liking. Organizing the affair took several hours of our time but it was a huge success.

Setting up for a 10-year-old child’s birthday party in their parent’s backyard will be totally different to setting up a birthday party for a 30- or 40-year-old who is having an elegant dinner buffet on the rooftop of an apartment building in Brooklyn or Queens who also needs tables, chairs, attractive lighting, soft music playing in the background and more.

The newest of crazes seems to be with catering wedding events where some of our brides and grooms choose a menu along with decorations that coordinates with where they are going for their honeymoon. Ie. When going to Italy for a honeymoon, our Italian dinner menu and desserts may be the perfect choice.

Anything is possible when you call AAA Royal Catering for your catered party. Call us today to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote.

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