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AAA Royal Catering - Serving Barbecue (BBQ) for 40+ Years on Long Island and in New York CityAAA Royal Catering offers a huge assortment of BBQ available for on-site cooking (chef included) or delivered in chafing trays ready to serve year-round. Regardless of where you are located on Long Island or in Manhattan (NYC), real authentic barbecue is available to you and your guests all year from the “King” of BBQ – AAA Royal Catering. You’re not limited to just having BBQ during the warm summer months.

AAA Royal Catering makes our own sauces & rubs from the finest fresh ingredients. We cook our meats for many hours on professional BBQ equipment in our commercial kitchen & use a combination of hickory, oak, and fruit woods to bring out the smokey flavors we all love in “authentic” barbecue. 

We offer: All American BBQ, Southern Style BBQ with Fried Chicken, Hawaiian Luaus, a complete Pig Roast, and of course our famous Chicken & Rib BBQ special. We also offer Seafood delights such as our Classic Long Island Clam Bake and Long Island Lobster Bake that can easily be turned into Surf & Turfs so many enjoy.

Please explore each of our barbecue menus knowing that if you need any assistance with serving, our chefs, bartenders, and wait service staff are happy to help.

Need additional tables and chairs or maybe glassware and flatware? We at AAA Royal Catering can provide all you need including tents, canopies, deejays, live music, and more to make your party a truly special one. Just give us a call today and receive our “Royal” treatment.

You’ll feel like a guest at your own party.

You name it – We’ll make it!

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