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AAA Royal Catering loves to celebrate the holidays. We provide exquisite catering for parties of any size celebrating the holidays, whether it be a federal, states, or religious holiday. Additionally, we offer complete catering services for all observance days, remembrance days, awareness days, and other celebration days too. We’ll even help you make your own holiday party if you wish.

In truth, these holidays and days of observances are great times to have a party with family, friends, and loved ones where you can kick back, relax, and get away from the hassles of everyday life. No one should have to work double or triple duty simply because they want to have a party. Let AAA Royal Catering do the cooking for your next gathering and we're happy to customize any menu to make a perfect party.   

You name it – We’ll make it!

Feel like a guest at your own party.

Whether you want to have a romantic Valentine’s Day catered for two, or a home filled with singles in the hope of finding a Valentine, to perhaps an office party for all the nurses in a medical building for “National Nurses Day”, AAA Royal Catering can help take care of all the planning and provide amazingly delicious food with all you need for a spectacular party. Call us today!

Don't forget, AAA Royal Catering can also provide you with the extras, such as: tents and canopies, tables and chairs, flatware & glassware, floral decorations, balloon bouquets, and more.  

Below are a few of holiday parties we’ve catered during the last 40 years!
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