Your Family’s Daily Bread

May 11 2023

Natural Wheat berries and your daily bread

AAA Royal Catering has been in business for over 40 years and has encountered almost all aspects of food in that time. We are always open to expanding our knowledge of new and old techniques & novel recipes. We have found that sometimes doing it the old-fashioned way is the best way, especially when it comes to your family’s daily bread.

Today’s breads are mass produced and made with flour that has been stripped of all nutritional value. These breads and other products are made with commercial flour. They are marketed as healthy, enriched with many synthetic amendments including fortified vitamins, minerals, preservatives to lengthen shelf life and they can also be exposed to pesticides unless marked organic. Even the products marked organic have been stripped of nutrients due to the three-day shelf life of all freshly milled wheat.

Wheatberries are composed of three main parts. 1) Bran, which is rich in fiber, 2) germ, rich in protein, fat, and vitamins and the 3) endosperm, mostly starch. Today’s all-purpose flour has the bran and germ removed leaving just the starch for everyday use and most commercial bread making. 

Back in the day the people would purchase and store wheatberries, the seeds of a variety of many wheatgrasses. They would go to a local mill every few days with their wheatberries to bring home freshly milled flour.  In their natural un-milled form wheatberries have a shelf life of 25+ years if stored properly.

We have found and purchased an affordable home grain mill called the Mockmill 100. This mill is capable of stone grinding many types of dry grains, beans and even corn from fine to course texture giving us the ability to make many types of breads, cakes, noodles, and cereals. We have found making the family’s daily bread is basically easy, heathy, and therapeutic.

Go back to the old-fashioned way. Especially when it comes to your family’s daily bread.