AAA Royal Catering Encourages Herb Gardens

March 5 2023

AAA Royal Catering encourages you to plant an Herb Garden

Our chef uses fresh herbs in his cooking whenever possible and recommends for all people that love to cook, that there is no better flavor and aroma than cooking with fresh herbs from your own garden for many reasons, including the satisfaction that you grew them yourself. They are low maintenance and very inexpensive to grow and will provide for everything from creating delicious dinners to brewing your own cups of tea and can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Whether you have a large backyard or rent a garden apartment with a balcony, herbs will grow well anywhere. Most herbs grow easily in many conditions and locations, mostly needing just four to six hours of sunlight making them ideal for in ground gardens, raised gardens, flowerpots, and even windowsills. Healthy soil, water and seed is all that you need.

An herb garden will inspire you to add interesting flavors to your meals. Plant your herb garden near the kitchen or by a window where you'll be more likely see them. Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, mint & dill are among some of the most used herbs in the kitchen. You can quickly snip a handful of oregano while making spaghetti sauce, pluck a few basil leaves for tomato bruschetta or a handful of mint and add it to a tea or lemonade.

Harvest your herbs frequently and even share some of your bumper crop with friends and family. They will appreciate the fresh enhancement it will make in their cooking and may even inspire them to start a garden, growing their own favorite herbs. The rule is the more you cut the bushier and thicker they grow, but never harvest more than 1/3 to give your plants a chance to recuperate and continue to grow.

And here's a tip! All herbs taste their best and are most fragrant before they flower. Once you see the beginning of a bloom, pinch some off to retain its best taste. Use your fresh herbs all summer long and when the season is over, harvest & dry them, and use them all winter until next season.

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