Wine and Cheese Reception Catered by AAA Royal Catering

March 2 2023

Wine & Cheese Reception Catered by AAA Royal Catering

The newest trend in entertaining is the rebirth of the old-fashioned Wine & Cheese Reception served with an  Antipasto Table renamed to the Charcuterie Table and now today called a Grazing Table. The Wine & Cheese Reception set up and served by AAA Royal Catering at the Caroline on West 23rd St. in New York City was a huge success. This building Houses some 500 young professionals and is operated like a cruise ship with a few activities each week giving them a few hours after work to unwind with a sense of in-house community without the need to leave home.

Our crew arrived at 4:00pm to convert the 3rd floor tenant lounge into a sheik café. With mouthwatering Gourmet Italian Meats, Cheeses, Marinated Mushrooms, Olives, Grilled Vegetables, Fruits, Pastries, and an assortment of Red & White Wines, we quenched the briny, savory, bitter & sweet. Flori and Mario set up the grazing table while Robert set up the wine bar. At 6:00 o'clock the piano player that we hired began  playing soft music while the guests arrived. Close to 100 neighbors friends and families gathered around small living room sets & cocktail tables to enjoy the evening. Some guests packed up a few delicacies to take home for a private party. If you would like to host a wine and cheese reception please contact us we will be happy to assist you in creating a menu that will astonish your guests.

See a small selection of Appetizers knowing anything is possible when hiring AAA Royal Catering for your party or gathering.

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