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from AAA Royal Catering

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Over the years we have served dessert in so many ways, it is incredibly hard to describe them all. Sometimes it is as simple as putting out a few trays of goodies on a picnic table or poolside for guests to pick from, and in other cases, we’ll create an assortment of treats for each individual and serve them along with after dinner drinks of their choice.

We have a couple of sayings at AAA Royal Catering. They are:

You name it – We’ll make it!

Be a guest at your own party.

It’s our way of providing the “Royal” treatment to you and your guests.

Whether you need a full-blown dessert bar for a large formal wedding in a large tent with a dance floor, or just scrumptious delights for little Johnny who is turning five years of age and having a yard fill with children running wild, we at AAA Royal Catering can provide whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Please explore some of our most popular desserts below and know we will be happy to make any special dessert you may be looking for. Simply call us today or use the contact us page.

1 (516) 797-5539


Sheet Cakes - Available in all sizes and flavors - Call for price

Italian pastry desserts from AAA Royal Catering

Dessert Menu

Crumb Cake

$1.75 pp

Pound Cake

$1.75 pp

Fresh Watermelon Boats (in season)


Italian Ices (50 person min.)

$1.95 pp

Italian Cookies

$9.95 per lb.

Fresh Baked Assorted Pies

(please inquire)

Rice Pudding with cinnamon and cherries

$39.99 half tray
$59.99 full tray

Ambrosia Salad

$39.99 half tray
$59.99 full tray

Fresh Fruit Salad

$6.99 per lb

Devil's Delight Graham cracker crust, chocolate Pudding and whipped cream

$39.99 half tray; $59.99 full tray

Jell-O with Fruit

$39.99 half tray; $59.99 full tray

Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin & Sugar)

$1.75 pp


$1.75 pp

Mini Italian Pastries

$2.50 pp

Mini Danish & Rugalah

$2.25 pp

Cobbler (Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry)

$1.95 pp

Dessert Crepes from AAA Royal Catering

Dessert Crepes Made To Order - Only $9.95pp ala carte or $4.95pp (with omelet package - 35min.)

Served with Whipped Cream, Powdered Sugar or syrup, in flavors of: Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, or Strawberry. Includes fine quality paper goods.

Coffee & Tea served with dessert by AAA Royal Catering

Coffee and Tea - Only $1.75 pp
Includes: Coffee Set-up, choose Regular or Decaf, Tea, Sugar, Sweet & Low, Half & Half, Milk, Coffee Cups, Deposit on Coffee Equipment.
Add $0.25 for both regular and decaf.