Employment Opportunities

We are currently looking for the following In-Store and Catering positions to be filled. We encourage our team members to become multi-functional & proficient in all customer service techniques.

In-Store: Short Order Cooks, Kitchen Prep, Grill Person, Counter Clerk, Order Taker, Customer Service, Catering Supervisor, Phone Operator, Delivery Drivers


  • BBQ Chef: Must be dressed in proper attire. Have Customer Service skills. Check that all equipment & items on the BBQ menu are loaded. Deliver order to event. Set up, serve, clean up, return all equipment to base.
  • BBQ Chef Assistant: Must be dressed in proper attire. Assist chef at base loading coolers & BBQ equipment. Deliver order to event.  Set up, serve, clean up, return all equipment to base.
  • Omelet Station Chef: Must be dressed in proper attire. Set up omelet station & buffet, ability to cook & serve 3 to 4 omelets at a time. Clean up & return all equipment to base.
  • Waitress / Waiter: Must be dressed in proper attire. Set up, serve & clean up catering events including reheating & passing appetizers. The option to deliver the order.
  • Bartender: Must be dressed in proper bartending attire & have all bartending tools, knowledge of popular drinks, recipe book. TIPS certified a plus.
  • Barista: Must be dressed in proper attire & versed in all popular coffee drinks & desserts. Set up, serve & cleanup coffee & dessert bar. Properly maintain all equipment in good working order.
  • Delivery Drivers: Must have car & clean license. Deliver catering orders to event locations. Set up the order & sterno racks on the buffet. Collect payment from customers.
  • Catering Crew Captain:  Team leader, able to orchestrate all items on the menu contract. Work with party planner & keep prescribed party schedule. Direct staff at the location of event to set up, serve & clean up.
  • Catering Supervisor / Customer Service: Catering Supervisors also known as a Catering Manager should have strong sales and customer-service skills; able to courteously deal with patrons, handling all aspects of the day-to-day work of a catering business. The job entails everything from interacting with clients in person & on the phone, to preparing menus, to overseeing the presentation and serving of the food.

Customer Service

Delivering good customer service is an art. There is not just one single factor that defines what makes it good; it covers everything from providing friendly and prompt service to serving a glass of wine in the right way. A knowledgeable staff will keep customers happy and encourage them to return.

Rules for great customer service:

  • Know your product. Take the time to learn about the menu you are serving so you can answer any customer questions. This could be anything from knowing about its cookery method or the ingredients it's made up of to whether the product is gluten free or organic non-GMO certified. Being knowledgeable really gives the customer a sense of confidence and trust.
  • Listen and anticipate customer needs. Those who give best customer service tend to do more effective listening. Ask open-ended questions to elicit a customer's needs and wants and closed questions to verify your understanding. Recognizing the customer's requirements means fewer mistakes when delivering an order.
  • Take advantage of any opportunities to learn. It's important to keep refreshing and updating skills and techniques as this will help to deliver great service and develop your career. Take advantage of any training offered, you can also learn from seasoned colleagues who are delivering great customer service. Simply identify what you think makes it great. Learn from it and make it your own.
  • Attention to detail is key. A regular gripe from customers is staff getting the basics wrong. Good service starts with getting the order right, so take note of every request a customer makes, especially when it goes beyond the norm, such as a special dietary need.

    It will spoil the meal from the outset if you get orders wrong and the flow of service is broken. The real skill is rectifying a situation if something does go wrong, by providing a solution that exceeds expectations.

  • Remember to smile. Being served by a pleasant person will greatly improve the experience of the customer. Always maintain a cheerful attitude throughout. Keep this mind set, no matter how challenging the conversation is.