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There’s nothing quite like treating your guests to the best of land and sea. AAA Royal Catering and staff will cater a full-service Classic Long Island Clambake that can be customized to your needs and served anywhere across Long Island or in Manhattan. Whether you are having a backyard party on the North Shore or wish to have your party at Jones Beach on the South Shore, your in for a real treat from AAA Royal Catering.

We’ll arrive about one hour before serving with all the equipment necessary to grill up delicious Hamburgers, Hotdogs, BBQ Chicken, with plenty of steamed clams and succulent 1 ¼ pound whole lobsters.

We recommend enhancing your menu with a few appetizer platters such as a raw clam bar or shrimp cocktail while our chef steams little neck clams in white wine and lemon butter along with mussels marinara for the first course. Afterwards, our chef will transition to grilling beautiful 6oz. sirloin burgers, marinated chicken, and all beef Boars Head hotdogs.

AAA Royal Catering makes it easy to turn our mouthwatering steamed lobsters into a surf and turf by adding our famous Ribeye Steaks. Details of our full menu are below.

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Mussel Marinara - Part of our Long Island Clam Bake Menu

Long Island Clam Bake – Only $56.95 pp and served by our staff (4 hours) Children 10 and under ½ price.

*Chef and assistant charges are added at $150.00 each for the 4 hrs.


  • Steamed Clams with Lemon & Butter
  • 1¼ Lb. Steamed Lobster with drawn butter
  • Mussels Marinara
  • Hot Dogs (Boars Head or Hebrew National)
  • Hamburgers (5oz.)
  • Marinated Chicken Fillets or BBQ Chicken
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Watermelon
  • Note: See available option below to substitute hamburgers and hotdogs below to Surf & Turf with Rib Eye Steaks 

Includes Homemade Salads - (Choice of 3)

  • Our delicious Potato
  • Cole Slaw
  • Macaroni
  • Gourmet Pasta Salad
  • Fresh Garden Salad with our special dressing

Also Includes:

  • Hamburger and Hotdog Buns,
  • Butter, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Sauerkraut
  • Sliced Cheese, Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce
  • Paper Goods and Utensils
  • BBQ Grill, Serving Utensils, Buffet Tables, Table Cloths for Buffet Tables, 10' x 10' Pop-up Tent for the BBQ Area

Make it Surf & Turf with a Rib Eye steal cooked to perfection from AAA Royal Catering

Make it SURF & TURF - with our famous Rib Eye Steaks (8oz.)

Only $18.95 additional per person or $15.95 per person when substituting hamburgers and hotdogs above.

Please note:

  • Chef and assistant charges are added at $150.00 each for the 4 hrs.
  • Under 50 guests add $3.00pp.
  • Prices do not include 8.625% tax, 18% service charge.
  • 18% service charge covers the cost of the pre and post behind the scenes party production of loading the coolers, loading the dedicated truck, breakdown, sterilization and maintenance of all equipment and general clean-up.

Additional Menu Selections

Clam Chowder

$1.95 pp

Shrimp Cocktail

$7.95 pp

Grilled Veggies

$2.95 pp

Raw Clam & Oyster Bar ( Clam Chucker Required $150.00 + Tip

$14.95 pp

BBQ Ribs

$3.95 pp

Beer, Wine, Soda, Bottled Water, Ice and Glasses

$15.95 pp

Soda, Bottled Water, Cups and Ice

$4.50 pp

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